I have brought home babies four times.  Premature babies, overdue babies and on-time babies.  After a lengthy stay for a c-section and a quick 24 hours after natural birth.  Babies with fully stocked, decorated nurseries and babies sleeping amongst boxes just hours after a move. 

(Yes, that picture is me, one week from delivering my fourth - and wildest - child. )

So here's what I know for sure: you can have really blissful first days at home with your new bundle if all you have is a box of diapers and three hand-me-down outfits.  You don't NEED running shoes, hair bows or baby washcloths.  You can get along without them.

But I know too that an organized nursery, with the luxury rocker and the blackout curtains and everything you WANT, is sometimes what you need to feel calm and at ease in the space.  And calm and ease is what every family needs as they start this new chapter in their lives.

I  work with parents-to-be to help them organize their nursery to bring peace and comfort to this exciting time.  My services range from organizing closets and sorting through hand-me-downs to full nursery planning and organization services.  Pregnant moms working with me can put their feet up while I do the furniture rearranging.  New parents get the shut-eye they crave while I unpack shower gifts or set up a nursing station.  Grandma can babysit while I bust you out to shop for necessities or that luxury rocker.  Every family's needs and wants are different, but a peaceful and welcoming environment is just what you need to welcome your new addition.

please contact me for help in creating a peaceful and organized nursery.

(also, congratulations and good luck!)